Easter Treats…

So Easter has well and truly kept up on me this year! But I have just about managed to squeeze in some Easter themed activities with my little girl.

I had bought this Easter egg decoration kit in Home Bargains so long ago I almost forgot about them! For 79p I thought we couldn’t go wrong…

 Audrey loved mixing all the pretty pastel paint colours together to make one murky colour, as toddlers do…

    I know some of you remember doing this from your childhood…

 You’ve gotta love making chocolate Rice Krispie nests at this time of year, complete with mini eggs, and not to mention the odd cute yellow chick.  These were so easy to make and are perfect for little fingers.

I had also wanted to have a go at making some white chocolate and marshmallow Easter bark I had seen on Pinterest. Unfortunately I only had a picture to go by and not an actual recipe (not that it was very hard), but I did completely wing it and only came out with 5 eggs. They are great for those of you with a super sweet tooth- so I think 5 will be more than enough!

 Hoppy Easter Everyone!


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