Beauty Buys…

Since the New Year I have treated myself to a few new beautifying products and I thought I would share them on the blog.

I had been eyeing up the Naked eyeshadow palettes from Urban Decay for a little while now. They just look so yummy! Yes, I know they’re not for eating… But they are quite expensive, so when I did finally treat myself, I opted for one of the basics palettes. 

Naked2 Basics

The best thing about these eyeshadows is that they have a lovely matte quality. I’m not always fond of eye shadows that are too glimmery. The lightest shade has a slight glimmer for highlighting purposes, but i do like that the majority of them are matte.  I really wanted a range of subtle browns for Spring and Summer and these tick all the boxes.

Open eyeshadow

My other fab recent purchase was a real bargain. For the past 5 years I have been a loyal user of Bare Minerals foundation and have become a huge fan. I don’t think I could use anything else on my face now as it just feels so light.

I was about to run out and purchase some more, when I spotted a Bare Minerals bundle in TK Maxx. Hurrah! Now you would normally expect to pay about £25 for the mineral foundation, but for the bargain price of £29.99 I managed to score myself a full size foundation, a smaller concealer, a smaller mineral veil, a primer, a brush and a lip gloss! I took that baby to the till quicker than you can say ‘good deal hunting’ with a rather smug smile on my face. Get yourself down to TK Maxx quick sharpish to see if they have any bundles left.

Make up

Talking of Bare Minerals, I also love their eye liner. Again, soon to run out of that I was going to re-stock, before thinking I may be able to find a slightly cheaper alternative out there. I like the softness of the Bare Minerals eye liner (£14) and having a ‘smudger’ on the other end is an absolute must (not being very good at getting it in a straight line I feel the need to ‘smudge’ it a bit!). I found an alternative from Revlon which I purchased this week for only £6.50. So far so good, although the smudger may be a little coarser than the Bare Minerals one.

Make Up 2

Finally, I have only relatively recently discovered the make up brand ELF cosmetics. How is this so?! It’s so reasonably priced! The only downside is that half the products I seem to want are always out of stock. Must be popular…! I did receive the mascara for Christmas (as well as a primer and brush cleaner) and I look forward to treating myself to their lip exfoliator amongst other things when they come back in stock!

Have you treated yourself to any make up buys so far this year? Any make up brands you would particularly recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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