Feeling Festive…

I have been feeling rather festive as of late (is it just me or has everyone been getting into the Christmas Spirit rather early this year?!). But now we’re in December I feel it is most definitely allowed!

I’ve even done some festive baking and have made mince pies, and brie and cranberry puffs!

I do love a home made mince pies- I say home made but it’s really just ‘ready roll’ pastry and mince meat straight out of a jar… Hey, everyone needs to cheat a little in the kitchen at this time of year! And this means they’re super easy to get in the oven when having guests over during the Christmas season.

Making Mince Pies

Ready for the Oven

Yummy mince pies

As are the brie and cranberry puffs. I found the recipe here on Pinterest and thought I would give them a whirl. Again, super easy to make with just a few ingredients, and are sure to impress those impromptu visitors!




I’ve also had a go at Christmas crafts this week with my little girl. After finding these Christmas Pom Pom’s in Home Bargains I thought they would be a fun activity for her to try! They were a bargain price and are super cute!

What's in the box...

What’s in the box…

In Action


Father Christmas


Please note, when baking mince pies or other festive treats it is advisable to wear a Christmas jumper in order to fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. 

** Glugging mulled wine also works a treat.





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