5 apps I love…

I thought I would share with you all my 5 most used apps on my iPhone. After accidentally wiping my whole phone recently, (I know I know, I’m now regularly backing it up!), I still haven’t remembered and downloaded all the apps I used to have. But it has made me realise there’s only a core few that are a ‘must have’ on my phone.


This is my go-to app when shopping for clothes. I do love browsing my Asos or H&M apps, but when I want to broaden my scope a bit, Shopstyle will help me out. Say you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans/flip flops/bikini- you can search for it on Shopstyle, and the app will search thousands of different shops internationally, and simply give you the results, just like that. If you see something you like, you can click through to buy straight from the app. What’s not to love.


Shop til you drop


For those of you who have not yet discovered Pinterest- get on it! I discovered it a couple of years ago, and let’s just say I easily spent hours on it in the middle of the night whilst feeding a new born. It is still one of my favourite apps to browse through. It’s been a fantastic inspiration for interior decorating, birthday parties, baking, healthy eating, DIY crafts, fashion, activities for toddlers, and not to mention oggling picture of Zac Efron.

Just me? Oh.

A whole lotta pretty to look at

A whole lotta pretty to look at


Now, you may have noticed from previous blog posts that I am quite the fan of Instagram. I don’t actually let anyone follow me on there as I put far too many photos on there and play around with the settings, so anyone would get bored straight away! I ‘ve never really followed anyone else on there before either, until recently. Again, it’s another excuse to look at pretty pretty things! It’s fair to say, once I have taken a photo on my iPhone, I cannot wait to ‘Instagram the sh*t out of it’, as my lovely husband would say. Although another close contender that I have recently downloaded is VSCOcam, which also offers various photographic improvement features, but also allows you to keep the size of your photo rather than having to make it a square.

Looking at more pretty

Looking at more pretty


You may have noticed on the last couple of blog posts a new ‘I sell on Etsy’ banner at the bottom of the page. That is because, as well as starting this blog earlier this year, I also opened a printables shop on Etsy! Sweetlove Press (I know, I’m so original with names) sells typography printables (a file that you purchase and print yourself at home), and I hope to be branching out in to professional prints very soon. It’s been great fun, and I have surprised myself by actually making sales. So the Sell On Etsy app is a great way of keeping track of sales, and editing/renewing items when needed. I shall also sneak in here the Etsy app itself. It’s a great place for alternative gifts that are more often than not hand made, offering personalised gifts that a bit different.

Sweetlove Press

Sweetlove Press


This is a great app for reading all the blogs I follow. Since starting my own blog and adding it to Bloglovin’, I have discovered so many more great blogs to follow. And this app makes it easy to catch up quickly whilst brushing my teeth before work! Some of my favourite are Rock My Style, Milk Bubble Tea and A Beautiful Mess. You can follow me on Bloglovin’ here: Sweetlove Place.

Catching up on blogs

Catching up on blogs

So as you can tell, I mostly use my phone for looking at pretty things, and more pretty things! And then the occasional text and phone call…




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