A Trip Down Memory Lane…

I’m back to working part time now and am getting to spend more time with my girl. And hopefully having a little more time to blog again!
This week we popped down to see my Gran in Folkestone. Not an unusual occurrence, but this time we thought all 3 of us would have a little jaunt to the beach, seeing as she lives so close and Audrey’s never been to Folkestone sands.

Folkestone Sands

I lived in Folkestone until I was 9, and so have many memories of summers spent on the sands, building sandcastles, cartwheeling down to the sea, and even swimming in the warm sea late into the evening with my brother, squealing every time a ferry came in and made huge waves (well they seemed huge when I was little).

Sunny Sands

I’m sure some of you are aware of the latest art installation on Folkestone beach, where a German artist Michael Sailstofer has buried 30 bars of gold worth £10,000 in the sand, as part of the Folkestone Triennial.

Well we couldn’t resist having a little dig whilst we were there! Why not?! Although some seem to be saying it is just fuelling people’s greed, I personally think it is a fantastic way of getting a community together.
There were still a fair few people there having a dig, and even some with their metal detectors out. Every time my spade hit a stone by heart fluttered with excitement. But as I am not typing this from a Maldivian Island, you can probably tell we did not strike gold. It’s amazing to think we will never truly know when all the gold has been found…

Gold Digger

10 minutes was enough for us, before we moved over to the Sunny Sands for a kick about. It was just as I remember, with people seeking shade under the arches, and kiddies catching  crabs in their buckets.

Sunny Sands

My Grandad was an artist, with his favourite subject being Folkestone harbour and seafront, and I can see why. With such a view every day, it would have been hard not to be inspired by it. I already cannot wait to go back. Next time I may have to try my hand on the putting green too! Oh to be a child again.

Audrey with a ballAudrey on the beach




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