A Nursery Rhyme with a Twist…

To those of you who are yummy mummies (and daddies) out there, I’m sure like me, you are all too familiar with singing various verses of Wheels on the Bus, and trying to think of another animal that could possibly live on Old McDonald’s Farm. Even if you don’t have kids yet, you can probably remember your favourite nursery rhymes from your childhood.

Piggy went to PradaWell, Amy Poon (formally Allen) offers a frivolous yet fabulous twist on the classic nursery rhyme in her book This Little Piggy went to Prada, which I am very excited to have recently stumbled across. I must admit I am partial to lusting after the (not so) occasional luxury item (mostly Mulberry handbags), so have enjoyed reading Amy’s witty adaptations, including songs about Mulberry and Louis Vuitton nappy bags – sung to the tune of Frère Jacques- as well as a young woman who ‘lived in her Choos’- sung to the tune of There Was an Old Woman who Lived in her Shoes.Frere JacquesNo lift the flaps or touchy feely pictures in this book; just beautiful illustrations of shoes and handbags. Even though the classic versions of the nursery rhymes are in the second half of the book, I would say this one is still more for mummy than baby, and is perfect for those times when you’ve just about had enough of that bloody spider going up and down that damn water spout. So pop that bottle of Cristal you have chilled, slip off your Manolo’s, sit down and have a giggle. Cobbler CobblerChoos

A lovely gift for a new mummy, you can buy This Little Piggy went to Prada on Ebay, as everywhere else I’ve looked seems to be extortionate 😉





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