We’re Going on an Easter Egg Hunt…

As Easter is fast approaching I am getting very excited at the prospect of being able to eat chocolate for breakfast, and it not being frowned upon.

As a child, the Easter Bunny would hide little eggs all over the house (and sometimes in the garden, weather permitting) for my brother and I to find. We would go round with our little baskets, grabbing all the chocolate eggs in sight, having to count them as we went so that we had an equal amount… I always had the height advantage, being 4 years older and that much taller. I no longer have that height advantage, so all is fair in love and Easter egg hunts.

But now I have the pleasure of ‘helping’ the Easter Bunny with the hunt for my daughter. As she is still quite young, I don’t really want her OD’ing on chocolate and having to deal with the consequences that evening. So I thought this year I could fill larger plastic eggs with a variety of Easter treats, to hide around the garden! And of course you have to have a cute bunny basket to collect them all in.

Full basket

Easter Goodness

So, as well as a few chocolate treats in these eggs, I have added some raisins (Audrey’s current favourite snack).  Raisins at Easter I hear you spit in disgust?! Yes I know, trying to plug the healthy option.

There are also some super cute fluffy chicks I found on a recent visit to Windsor. Hand-made and a bit crazy looking, but very lovable all the same.


In addition, I’ve found some Easter themed finger tattoos, which will probably keep my girl amused for all of about 5 minutes.

Easter treats

Easter egg hunt

There are far more Easter themed non-chocolate treats I could have used had I found myself with a bit more time, and if my little one was a bit older, so I think this is a great alternative to hiding little chocolate eggs around the house.

Now let’s just hope my competitiveness (and obvious height advantage) doesn’t kick in come Easter morning…


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