I’ve got you pegged…

So last week I waved goodbye to my twenties, and said HELLO to the big 3 0.

I thought this caused for a celebration; and so I did so with my closest friends and family over a Sunday pub lunch. Always keen on adding a personal touch to such things, I saw the chance to get a tad creative with the table name place cards. Or rather, table name place pegs.

Having seen this post on Pinterest, I thought I would give it a try and promptly bought some wooden pegs from eBay.

Stamped peg

Now, using a Sharpie pen didn’t actually work that well; the ink just leaked in to the wood. So I thought I would try something else.

I had recently purchased some rubber letter stamps and embossing ink to play around with and attempt to get crafty with. I thought this could work a treat and gave it a go. It actually worked really well and gave a slight rustic, shabby chic feel to the tables. The uneven nature of the stamps lend themselves to a real personal home-made feel. Embossing the ink  just gives it that nice little extra finishing touch, quite literally. I couldn’t stop rubbing my finger over the embossed letters when making them.

Printed Pegs

Stamped Pegs

The wooden pegs proved quite popular at lunch and it didn’t take that long to make them all in the end. All I needed was some wooden pegs, some rubber letter stamps, a good quality ink, embossing powder and a craft heating tool. I used to love this stuff when I was a kid- and this brought back lots of memories.

All the tools you need...

All the tools you need…

Now I am armed with these tools again I can see a lot more crafty happenings in the future. The stamping possibilities are endless! Pretty sure I will be stamping and embossing anything that doesn’t move.


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