Gardening with my Girl…

Yesterday afternoon we took advantage of the sunny weather that occasionally graces us with it’s presence, and ventured out in to the garden.

We have a large pot in our small garden left by the previous owner, and I thought it would lend itself nicely to being a ‘Little Girl’s garden’, which Audrey could help look after and hopefully watch some flowers grow. So last weekend we popped to Preston Nursery to have a mooch around, and look for some flowers and plants that Audrey could plant in the pot.

Audrey Potting

As it turns out, a 20 month old much prefers to fling the soil around the garden and get as much dirt under her fingernails as possible! Well, as long as she’s having fun, right?

We managed to get the lavender and sweet peas potted in the end, with a little help from Mummy.

Audrey Gardening

And what Little Girl’s garden would be complete without an ornamental bunny and a pink windmill?

Audrey's Garden

It was just nice to get outside and get Audrey involved in something a bit different.

I cannot wait for Spring to finally arrive (is it just me or has this been THE longest Winter ever??) so that we can get out and make our new garden our own. I really just want a nice place to sit in the sun, sipping on a sloe gin and tonic, with the smell of a BBQ wafting up my nostrils. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too much longer.



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